How to Carry Yourself With Confidence

My name is Jordan, and I spend my days as a sales rep for a large company.  Throughout my entire life I have been searching for ways to improve my edge.  I have been looking for ways to demonstrate to people I meet for the first time, that I should be respected.

Looking back on the things I have pursued in my life, I find that I have always been chasing something.  Whether I consider going through school to earn a degree, working hard at my job, or working out and eating to improve my physique, it is all dedicated towards grabbing a little extra respect.

Whenever I land a job over someone else, or get a great customer review, I often wonder what I do differently than others to separate myself.  In most cases, it’s not that I have superior intellect, or more charisma.  Sometimes I am even less qualified.

What makes me better than the next guy?

I don’t like to be self-serving, so I will make a strong effort to come off that way in this post.  However, I do feel that I have something to offer readers.  There is a reason that I have consistently found success, independent of what I choose to pursue.

The answer lies in the statement I consistently hear from my colleagues:

“When I met you, I thought you were older than you are.”

After digging a little deeper, the justification is usually something along the lines of:

“It’s because of how you carry yourself.”

I want YOU, as the reader, to be able to discover the strategies I use that help me carry myself in this way.  I believe that who you are is simply a manifestation of what you do.

When I say what you do, I am referring to all of the actions you take in your daily life.  Think back to yesterday.

Did you:

  • Get your laundry done?
  • Eat freshly prepared meals?
  • Work out?
  • Make your bed upon waking up?
  • Leave your house with it straightened up and clean?
  • Keep yourself clean and groomed?
  • Make eye contact with the people you interacted with?
  • Firmly and confidently shake hands with anybody that you met?
  • Answer every question with a direct answer?

This is a snapshot of all of the things that can help improve your confidence, and greatly affect the way others treat you.

Make sure, TODAY, to do one or more of the things on these lists and take note of how it improves your life.  Stay tuned to learn about how I take action to help improve my confidence.  In the mean time, please leave a comment below or send me an email.  I would love to hear from you.

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